24JUN 2019

Is this elderly market losing its marbles?

Multi-asset chart of the month: How the US stock market's relationship with business confidence has gone awry.

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20JUN 2019



07JUN 2019

Economic Views

US jobs report increases economic slowdown fears

Weaker US non-farm payrolls data could be the first sign of a cooling labour market

07JUN 2019

Economic Views

Why the world economy is like a wobbly bike

The world economy increasingly resembles an unstable bicycle that can be tipped over by the slightest bump in the road.

05JUN 2019

Economic Views

Why we’ve lowered our expectations for emerging markets growth

Craig Botham explains growth downgrades for Brazil and India for this year, and why Russia sees a slight upgrade.


20MAY 2019

Economic Views

Japan springs growth surprise to allay recession fears

However, the Q1 GDP report masks very weak domestic demand.

17MAY 2019

Economic Views

Infographic: A snapshot of the world economy in May 2019

In this month's infographic we look at the contagion risk posed by Turkey and Argentina, why UK growth may prove deceptive and global GDP forecasts.

16MAY 2019

Economic Views

Who will pay as US-China trade wars intensify?

The GDP impact of escalating trade tensions will be more severe on China but US consumers will pay as companies pass on higher costs.

15MAY 2019

Economic Views

Germany returns to growth

Domestic demand remains solid as the international outlook darkens.