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Fixed Income

07JAN 2019

2019 Credit Insights: Do the Chinese zodiacs have it right?

As 2018 ended with some rather unsettling volatility, we juxtapose the zodiac symbols from one of credits’ main players, China, and look at what fixed income investors might expect, and might be surprised by, in 2019’s Year of the Pig.



19DEC 2018


Why 2019 might be a better year for investors

After the disappointment of 2018, Chief Executive Peter Harrison rounds up the factors our fund managers think could lead to a brighter year ahead.

18DEC 2018

Fixed Income

Outlook 2019: Asian bonds

We expect that the US dollar’s strength should fade in 2019 as the pace of US rate hikes begins to slow, which will ease the pressure on Asian bonds next year.

18DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: China equities

We are taking a defensive stance, staying underweight to the technology sector, while emphasising domestically-focused areas of the market and those with long-term growth trends.

17DEC 2018

Fixed Income

Outlook 2019: Securitized credit and asset based lending

The securitized sector offers a respite from overcrowded corporate credit markets and inefficiencies continue to create opportunities.

16DEC 2018

Fixed Income

Outlook 2019: Global convertibles

Convertible bonds currently appear fairly defensive relative to history with valuations looking particularly attractive in Asia.

14DEC 2018

Fixed Income

Outlooks 2019: Emerging markets debt relative

Emerging markets debt yields are at levels which rival reasonable forward expectations for equities in 2019. In our view, a true catalyst for additional price gains will likely be a lower US dollar.

13DEC 2018


Outlook 2019: US equities

We believe that US earnings growth will slow in 2019, but we think the more challenging corporate environment may provide a rich backdrop for stockpickers.