Monetary Policy

04MAY 2018


US employment report signals the economy has peaked at a high level

Quickview: Recent data confirm the US is late in the cycle and we maintain our forecast for a total of four interest rate hikes this year.


06MAR 2018

Economic Views

Why economic growth (and rates) could increase faster than expected

We’ve upgraded our predictions for how the major economies around the world will perform in the next two years. Here, we briefly explain why and summarise our predictions.


15FEB 2018

Economic Views

Infographic: A view of the global economy in February 2018

In this month's infographic we look at the forces driving the weaker US dollar, the prospects for continued global growth and what political risk could mean for emerging markets.

09FEB 2018

Economic Views

BoE: earlier and greater interest rate rises on the horizon

UK policymakers are concerned about inflation despite weak growth; we now forecast a November rate hike.


22JAN 2018

Fixed Income

Why 2018 could be the year of reflation

Schroders Live: Keith Wade and Michael Scott discussed reflation, commodity prices and political developments in the US, as well as where to find opportunities in the current market environment



13DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: Gold

We see the gold market as broadly overlooked and offering great value as a portfolio hedge at current levels.

07DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: Asian ex Japan equities

A supportive global backdrop for Asian stocks means broader secular trends will continue to play out in 2018.

07DEC 2017

Economic Views

Brazil rates sink to record low

Quickview: Central bank signals easing cycle is near its end.

06DEC 2017

Fixed Income

Outlook 2018: European corporate bonds

We expect episodes of volatility during 2018, which should provide opportunities to buy good corporate bonds relatively cheaply.