Emerging Markets

23AUG 2018


What it takes to be promoted to emerging market status

We highlight the disconnect between an index provider’s definition of emerging markets and what investors think they are getting.

23AUG 2018

Fixed Income

Three signs that EMD could be nearing a tipping point

A margin of safety has opened up for emerging market investors after recent selling, and history suggests a buying opportunity in emerging market debt (EMD) could be on the horizon.

14AUG 2018


Turkey trouble: what's behind it and what does it mean for EM?

Our economics, equities and debt teams share their views on Turkey, where the lira has fallen sharply and raised concerns about broader market contagion.

01AUG 2018

Economic Views

India's supposedly neutral central bank sounds decidedly hawkish

Today’s rate hike is unlikely to be the last given inflation is accelerating.


19JUL 2018

Economic Views

Is China’s currency weakness the latest salvo in trade tensions?

Quickview: Craig Botham questions whether China’s currency is being used as a weapon in trade tensions.

16JUL 2018

Economic Views

China enters the slowdown phase

Quickview: China’s economy slowed in Q2 and we see further weakness in Q3, as policymaker support takes time to translate to growth.


26JUN 2018


"Malaysia Boleh?" (Can Malaysia do it?)

Following the recent election result, can Malaysia’s economic and stockmarket fortunes turn around or will the brain drain continue to hamper progress?

12JUN 2018

Fixed Income

Why Argentina woes shouldn’t detract from positive emerging market debt story

The recent flare up of risks in Argentina, and other emerging economies, has raised the spectre of a “classic” emerging market currency crisis. Given the improvement in fundamentals which has taken place over recent years, do opportunities remain in emerging market bonds?


30MAY 2018

Economic Views

Brazil growth slows as trucker strike darkens outlook

Quickview: Striking truck drivers are likely to further hamper a Brazilian economy already experiencing a slowdown in activity.


05APR 2018

Economic Views

How China is positioning for slower growth

The Chinese authorities seem to have acknowledged that lower growth will be inevitable. We look at how they have increased their room for manoeuvre economically and politically.