Monetary Policy


26APR 2017

Fixed Income

How the Fed's balance sheet adds to its policy toolkit

The Federal Reserve (Fed) will seek to gradually remove its accommodative policies, not tighten to the point it slows growth. At least not yet. An expanded toolkit should help it find the right balance.

25APR 2017


What a Macron victory would mean for Europe’s economy and equities

How would a Macron presidency in France affect equities, the ECB, Brexit negotiations, and more? At our latest Schroders Live event Keith Wade and Martin Skanberg discussed some of the big issues facing Europe and its markets right now.

25APR 2017

Economic Views

The case for ending negative rates early

Reversing negative interest rates would correct a policy mistake.

13APR 2017

Economic Views

Brazil slashes rates to boost flagging economy

A drastic fall in inflation over the past year has led to the Brazilian central bank accelerating its easing. Further cutting is likely to follow in May.


16MAR 2017

Economic Views

Dovish rate rise from the Fed while BoE and BoJ stand pat

Global central bank roundup: while the Federal Reserve moves towards normalisation of interest rates, it appears to remain a remote prospect for Japan and the UK.

03MAR 2017

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: World economic recovery faces inflation headwind

In the monthly summary of our views on the global economy we highlight the growing threat inflation poses.


23FEB 2017

Economic Views

Brazil's central bank cuts, and might accelerate easing

Falling inflation expectations give scope for further rate cuts.



03NOV 2016

Economic Views

TalkingEconomics: China - problems build behind the dam of growth

China’s growth is stable but all the old problems remain, with renewed and persistent renminbi (RMB) weakness beginning to nudge complacent investors back into mild concern. More government stimulus will be needed – and delivered – in 2017, but we expect severe problems before the decade is out.


20OCT 2016

Economic Views

Brazil cuts rates with further easing likely

Lingering concerns over inflation constrain more aggressive cuts for now.