Active Ownership

What is active ownership? 

Active ownership means exercising your shareholder rights and engaging with investee companies to encourage responsible corporate behavior and improve long-term shareholder value.

We believe that four attributes are critical to successful active ownership and engagement: knowledge, relationships, impact and incentives.

Kimberley Lewis
Head of Active Ownership

Why does it matter? 

Social and environmental forces are reshaping societies, economies, industries and financial markets. Encouraging management teams to adapt to those changes, and holding them accountable for doing so, can enhance the value of your investments. It can also help create an equitable and more sustainable global economy.

How do we engage? 

We have a long history of engagement and active ownership. We appointed our first governance resource in 1998 and have recorded and monitored ESG engagements spanning more than 20 years. Over that time we’ve influenced significant change on behalf of investors. We outline our vision for active ownership at Schroders by delineating how and why we engage, as well as the six core themes we pursue in alignment with our Engagement Blueprint.


2,100 Sustainability-focused
engagements in 2021
7,000+ Meetings voted at in 2021
~80,000 Resolutions voted on in 2021

Our six core themes 

We've long engaged with our investee companies on sustainability issues. When material and relevant, we believe that companies that address these sustainability factors, where lacking, will drive improved financial performance for your investments. 



  • Climate risk and oversight 
  • Climate alignment – decarbonising and minimising emissions 
  • Climate adaptation 
  • Carbon capture and removal 


Natural Capital and Biodiversity 

  • Nature-related risk and management 
  • Circular economy, pollution and waste 
  • Sustainable food and water 
  • Deforestation 


Human Rights

  • Overarching approach to human rights 
  • Workers 
  • Communities 
  • Customers and consumers 


Human Capital Management 

  • Corporate culture and oversight of human capital 
  • Investment in the workforce 
  • Engagement and representation 
  • Health, safety and wellbeing 


Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Board diversity and inclusion 
  • Executive diversity and inclusion 
  • Workforce diversity and inclusion 
  • Value chain diversity and inclusion 


Corporate Governance 

  • Boards and management 
  • Executive remuneration 
  • Relationships with shareholders 
  • Purpose, strategy and capital allocation 
  • Transparency and reporting 
Important information:
What are the risks? Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested. Exchange rate changes may cause the value of any overseas investments to rise or fall.


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