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Investment Horizons - Spring 2017

We are pleased to offer Investment Horizons, our perennial compilation of research articles inspired by our global client engagements. This edition focuses on change. As you may have noticed, this brochure is in our new brand: one that we think is sharper, quicker, clearer – a refl ection of our commitment to acclimate to the world in which we do business.


We see change as opportunity, and look to harness it in the form of innovation. This has always been a hallmark of our investment philosophy. Our first article emboldens this view. ESG integration within fixed income credit research is a concept we believe can be quite additive in today’s challenging fixed income environment. 

Artificial intelligence and robotic labor advancements are other areas that we believe have tremendous investment potential, but require sound fundamental insights in order to navigate their complexity. This edition, we offer two perspectives from James Gautrey (equity) and Alice Leedale (fixed income) – investor and strategist, respectively – here at Schroders.

Our next article is not a new idea, per se, but rather a timely insight through the lens of a well-known alternative asset class amid changing fixed income market dynamics: relative value fixed income arbitrage (where the direction of yields is not the critical factor). Liquidity is another topic of interest for many fixed income investors. Neil Sutherland and Stephen Sciaraffo of our US Multi-Sector team provide their views on whether or not the markets are nearing a liquidity inflection point.

Finally, our last article is a perspective on solving for a Plan’s need to meet its short-term funding obligations – while staying invested in growth assets – through a somewhat novel approach: covered call equity income. 

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