23OCT 2017


Our investor polls reveal the market and macro themes to watch

At the Schroders Investment Conference Madrid 2017, delegates from around the world revealed their market and economic views in a series of polls.

17OCT 2017


60 seconds on the most attractive sectors in the UK

Alex Breese explains why financials and commodities are among the sectors that look attractive for UK equity investors.

17OCT 2017


Where next for Japan as election looms?

With an upcoming general election and worries over growth, how do we view the Japanese market?

16OCT 2017

Economic Views

China’s Communist party congress: what investors should expect

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China begins on Wednesday. Will President Xi Jinping stick or twist on the country’s economic policy, and what might it mean for markets?

15OCT 2017


Black Monday 30 years on: how it happened and what we can learn

It has been 30 years since Black Monday, the biggest one-day fall in stockmarket history. We look at what happened and how today’s markets compare to 1987.

13OCT 2017


Is high turnover inconsistent with being a long-term investor?

High portfolio turnover is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s important to take a pragmatic approach.

10OCT 2017


Electric shock - finding the winners and losers of the electric revolution

Every revolution has casualties, and the electrification of the car industry will be no different. We look at the opportunities and pitfalls opening up for investors.

09OCT 2017


Will it be smooth sailing for markets until the end of the year?

At the latest Schroders Live event on 4 October, our panel looked at whether equities can sustain their stellar run in view of the coming reduction in central bank liquidity, geopolitical tensions, currency moves and stretched valuations.

09OCT 2017


Why economic growth has been a mirage for emerging market investors

The link between emerging market companies' earnings and GDP growth is tenuous. We explain why investors are better off focusing on fundamental analysis of individual companies.

08OCT 2017


Tax Reform and equities: the long and always winding road

While it’s too soon to hold ones breathe in anticipation of the latest tax reform proposal, equity investors should be mindful of the rhetoric through mid-term elections next year.