06OCT 2017

Global Market Perspective

Q4 2017

Small caps, global liquidity, and seven-year returns are among the topics in the spotlight in the latest economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2017.

04OCT 2017


Is the emerging markets revival sustainable?

In this in-depth Q&A, our panel of experts discuss the outlook for emerging market assets, from both a bonds and equities point of view.

03OCT 2017


The case for active asset management

Much has been written to assert the superiority of passive over active investing. Net of fees, it appears that on average passive management has produced higher returns.

03OCT 2017


Investing is a marathon, not a sprint — even during revolutions

Huw van Steenis discusses three of the big themes for investors at Schroders' recent Madrid event: coping with tech disruption, the end of QE and populism.


27SEP 2017


Five charts that explain the rise of China's technology giants

Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent have rewarded investors’ faith in them. But how have they come to dominate the online economy in China?

25SEP 2017


With the German election over, it’s time to focus on Europe’s growth opportunities

With Angela Merkel set for a fourth term as Chancellor, we think the market’s focus should return to Europe’s strengthening economy.

21SEP 2017


A red light is flashing over "bond proxy" income funds

Stocks from "bond proxy" sectors such as tobacco could be bad for your wealth, but many income funds are full of them.

14SEP 2017


Gold is under-owned by investors… for now

There could be a great rebalancing from passive ETFs and other traditional investments back towards gold, which would boost demand for gold and gold-related equities for years to come.

13SEP 2017


Two reasons why European equities could surge in the coming years

With interest rates set to normalise at low levels and profit margins improving, we see scope for significant gains.