14SEP 2017


Gold is under-owned by investors… for now

There could be a great rebalancing from passive ETFs and other traditional investments back towards gold, which would boost demand for gold and gold-related equities for years to come.

13SEP 2017


Two reasons why European equities could surge in the coming years

With interest rates set to normalise at low levels and profit margins improving, we see scope for significant gains.

12SEP 2017


Emerging market assets: Zoom out and re-focus

Emerging markets (EM) are a big part of global markets, yet are typically under-represented in investors’ portfolios. This has led many to ask the best way to build up their strategic allocation to these assets. EM equities and hard, local and corporate emerging market debt (EMD) all have very diff erent characteristics, meaning investor specific risk and return requirements must be taken into account.

04SEP 2017


Chart attack: Seven market snapshots from August

Solar, bitcoin, tech and tea all feature among the seven charts that caught our eye last month.


31AUG 2017


Churn is not necessarily burn: debunking the myths of portfolio turnover

There is a widely held assumption that portfolio turnover results in poorer outcomes for investors as a result of the additional costs it incurs. Our research challenges that simplistic assumption by instead focusing on added value net of costs.

30AUG 2017


The future of shopping malls and what it means for property investors

The decline of malls in the US has caused concern among real estate investors. Our Global Cities blog looks at what it might mean for shopping centres in the UK and Europe

24AUG 2017


Why invest in restructuring opportunities?

Equity investors often look for restructuring opportunities. We look at what this means and how such opportunities fit into a portfolio.

23AUG 2017


Hong Kong versus Singapore: 10 years of banking returns

How have Hong Kong and Singapore banks fared since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis? We take a look at a decade of returns to find out.

22AUG 2017


Market complacency could bolster case for gold

Equity valuations are extremely high and complacency stalks markets; we explain why this could be a time for gold to shine.