07MAR 2017


The road to Brexit: what's next for investors?

With the UK expected to start the process of leaving the EU this month, we asked a panel of investment and economic experts covering a variety of areas, from real estate to European equities, what they are looking out for in the coming months.

02MAR 2017


India's domestic story stands out amid mixed Asian picture

Some readers will be aware of our thoughts on China and its credit-fuelled investment bubble. But it’s not all doom-and-gloom in Asia, with India a case in point.


28FEB 2017


City smog is flipping the switch to electric vehicles

Climate change isn’t just about the weather, air pollution poses immediate and serious health problems. We look at how cities are trying to clear the air.

28FEB 2017


Oil companies - throwing cash into the wind?

Oil companies might seem an odd place to look for renewable energy investment, but oil majors are increasingly throwing their financial weight behind clean energy.

27FEB 2017


Which sectors could benefit as inflation heats up?

Banks were the initial beneficiaries as inflation began to re-emerge but other sectors also offer attractive opportunities.

17FEB 2017


Could sugar be the next big issue for investors?

In this video Schroders' ESG analyst Elly Irving looks at sugar as an investment issue and whether it will be the catalyst to turn big food into the next big tobacco.

14FEB 2017


Abe-Trump meeting positive for Japan

The meeting between the Japanese and US leaders was more amicable than many expected, leaving the serious battles to be fought another day.

07FEB 2017


Fading anti-corruption measures could add boost to China recovery

Our recent trip to the country meeting companies revealed that the impact of the anti-corruption drive may have been underestimated by investors, and so too might the impact it will have as it fades.

03FEB 2017


After the FTSE 100’s 37% return, should I still invest?

The FTSE 100 soared in the past year and hit a new all-time high. Is the index still a good value investment?