07NOV 2016


How the US election is moving markets: four essential charts explained

As the race for the White House intensifies we look at the performance of gold, US healthcare stocks, the dollar and the volatility index to see who the market is backing for US president.


20OCT 2016

Global Market Perspective

Q4 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q4 2016, including our forecasts update, a look at the upcoming US election and a research note on the limits of monetary policy.

13OCT 2016


60 seconds with Matt Hudson on his favoured UK sectors

Matt Hudson explains why the return of inflation looks set to boost the case for financial and commodity stocks as we head into 2017.

12OCT 2016


60 seconds with James Sym on the end of the current investment cycle

James Sym discusses the areas of the stockmarket which can prosper and those which may suffer at this stage of the cycle.

11OCT 2016


The FTSE 100 hits all-time high - but can it go higher?

After the UK stockmarket hit a new all-time high we highlight the reasons why – and look at the latest valuations.

10OCT 2016


Why is the FTSE 100 near all-time highs - and can it go higher?

As the UK stockmarket approaches new highs we highlight the reasons for the gains – and look at the latest valuations.

07OCT 2016


60 seconds with Nick Kirrage on where to find value

Where are the value opportunities in equities today? Nick Kirrage explains.

03OCT 2016


Should investors worry about China?

Concerns are growing about China’s powerhouse economy. Here, we explain why and offer views from Schroders fund managers and economists on what might happen next.


30SEP 2016


60 seconds on data science in fund management

Ben Wicks explains how fund managers are using data science to improve their investment returns.