14JAN 2016


Sector focus: Luxury goods firms face up to new Hong Kong reality

With Hong Kong losing its allure for Chinese tourists, what is the impact on luxury goods firms and how can they respond to changing travel preferences?

08JAN 2016


Four reasons behind China's A-share volatility

Mainland China's stockmarket recovered somewhat on Friday following a week of severe volatility. So, what were the main reasons behind the week's market falls?



24DEC 2015


Markets view: Year in review 2015

These infographics review a financial year in which market sentiment was dominated by central bank policy, China and global growth worries.

24DEC 2015


Financial year in numbers - 2015

These infographics provide an overview of the moments that defined the 2015 financial year.

16DEC 2015


Ready for lift off? How interest rate rises impact stockmarkets

Some investors believe that rising interest rates are bad for equity markets. These infographics, however, show that historically in the year following the initial lift-off for rates equity markets have, on average, performed robustly.

14DEC 2015

Economic Views

Oil and gas companies: the carbon risk

We take a look at how investors can assess a company's overall exposure to carbon risk.

04DEC 2015


Monthly markets review - November 2015

A look back at markets in November 2015 when global equities were lacklustre and attention remained focused on central banks.


26NOV 2015


Is Black Friday holding retailers to ransom?

Black Friday should be the highlight of the year for retailers, a chance to drive the punters through their doors and out again via their cashiers filling the coffers along the way, but in reality is Black Friday causing more pain than profit for the retail sector?

06NOV 2015

Economic Views

Monthly markets review - October 2015

An overview of markets in October 2015, when equities posted strong positive returns amid hopes of more accommodative monetary policy from central banks.