Tax Information

As of December 31, 2021

Enclosed is the 2021 Tax Form for your account with the Swiss Helvetia Fund. This form provides information on any applicable 2021 distributions and proceeds from redemptions. Please note that all information contained in this form has been provided to the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to the tax information provided on your 1099-DIV statement, below is supplemental information to assist you with the preparation of your 2021 income tax returns. Please consult your tax advisor for the specific application of any items below relating to the preparation of your tax returns.

Income from Foreign Sources Subject to Foreign Tax Credit:

For the year ended December 31, 2021, the Swiss Helvetia Fund earned foreign source income and paid foreign taxes which they intend to pass through to their shareholders pursuant to Section 853 of the Internal Revenue Code.

See below to determine the foreign taxes paid and the foreign source income.

  1. The shareholder’s portion of foreign taxes paid (see Box 7 of your 1099-DIV statement for this information).
  2. The shareholder’s amount of foreign source gross income. This amount can be calculated as a percentage of your ordinary dividend shown in Box 1 of your 2021 Tax Form. Please see the information below for your foreign source gross income amount.

Fund Name


Foreign Source Gross Income (Use % listed below and apply to Ordinary Income shown in Box 1 to compute)

Swiss Helvetia Fund  100.00%

Tax documentation

Fund Name


Tax Documentation Year

Swiss Helvetia Fund Form 8937 - Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities 2020
Swiss Helvetia Fund Annual Tax Character of Distributions