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09DEC 2019

Outlook 2020: Emerging markets debt relative

The 2020 outlook for emerging market debt (EMD) remains positive, with fundamentals broadly supportive. Should the US dollar depreciate, the upside for local EMD looks particularly attractive.

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05DEC 2019

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04DEC 2019



28NOV 2019

Market Views: Fixed Income

Are China's bond markets near a tipping point?

China’s bond markets are huge, but many foreign investors have little exposure. They are now opening up. Manu George explains the potential long-term opportunity for investors.

06NOV 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Monthly markets review - October 2019

A look back on markets in October when risk appetite picked up amid hopes of progress on trade talks.


25OCT 2019

Market Views: Fixed Income

Three myths surrounding ESG in emerging market debt

Many feel that a focus on ESG is not compatible with emerging market debt investing. We disagree.

22OCT 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Why sustainability cannot be ignored in defined contribution plans

ESG is no longer a fringe concern for DC plans, but far from seeing it as a potential headache, we believe the right approach can improve long-term value and may also lower risk.

22OCT 2019

Market Views: Fixed Income

What happens to high yield bonds in times of market stress?

We look at whether investors are right to be wary of high yield bonds amid rising macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty.

17OCT 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Investment returns of 6% or 11%: who’s right?

Institutional investors accept a future of modest 6% per-year investment returns, but after a decade of surging asset prices from bonds to stocks, individual investors expect far more.

15OCT 2019

Market Views: Fixed Income

The death of yields in six charts

Bond yields have declined remarkably since 2008, with a growing proportion now below zero. Here we highlight some extreme instances of ultra-low yields and look at what they mean for investors.