Market Views: Multi-Asset

05DEC 2019

Monthly markets review - November 2019

A review of markets in November when shares in developed markets moved higher but emerging markets lagged.

Market Views: Multi-Asset

02DEC 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

06NOV 2019



21OCT 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Four charts that show why “old tech” might surprise income investors

What happens when tech grows up?

08OCT 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Is oil’s relationship with energy stocks slipping?

Our chart of the month shows that the link between energy stocks and oil appears to be on the slide. What’s happening?

04OCT 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Quarterly markets review - Q3 2019

A review of markets in Q3, when economic data pointed to an ongoing slowdown and central banks in the US and Europe eased monetary policy.


26SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

Our multi-asset investment views – September 2019

We continue to tread a careful line, benefiting from the liquidity environment without taking too much cyclical risk.

25SEP 2019

Market Views: Equities

Three ways you can prepare for tougher markets

Economic, market and regulation challenges mean the future is likely to be more difficult than the past. Here are three ways that pension funds can overcome these obstacles.


30AUG 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Our multi-asset investment views - August 2019

This month's update includes upgrades to US credit and downgrades to European credit, emerging market equities and Bunds.

06AUG 2019

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Monthly markets review - July 2019

A look back at markets in July when shares made a modest advance and all eyes were on the Federal Reserve meeting at the end of the month.