Market Views: Multi-Asset

07AUG 2018

Can you learn from the "rebalancing" trick used by professional investors?

For investors to achieve - and retain - healthy long-term returns, we think an active rebalancing policy is essential.

Market Views: Multi-Asset

26JUL 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

23JUL 2018



20JUN 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Our multi-asset investment views for June 2018

We have downgraded equities this month in Europe, Japan, Pacific ex-Japan and emerging markets. Here's why.

19JUN 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Four reasons for caution on a market in transition

Investors are mostly optimistic and seemingly confident of sizable future gains, in spite of historically unfavourable valuations and a number of other risks that are re-emerging.


18MAY 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Could China’s bond market really be within investors' reach?

Chinese equities have become an increasingly large presence in our multi-asset portfolios, and in the coming years we're hoping to gain access to the country's onshore bond market too.

16MAY 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Our multi-asset investment views for May 2018

This month our infographic reveals we have downgraded a number of asset classes, but upgraded our view on the US dollar.

04MAY 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Monthly markets review - April 2018

A look back on what happened to equities and bonds in April, as the oil price rallied.

02MAY 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Market movers: April's charts of the month

Our monthly round-up of a few of the most eye-catching or significant charts of April.


24APR 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Why we are shifting gears for a volatile environment

We've been shifting our investment strategy down a gear by increasing diversification. Here's why.