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Depth of resources 

Our Securitized Credit team, headed by Michelle Russell-Dowe, has an average experience of over 25 years in securitized markets. She is supported by a team of 15 investment professionals with diverse industry backgrounds including specialist portfolio managers in mortgage-based strategies (MBS) / asset-based strategies (ABS) and CRE Loans, as well as dedicated statisticians and developers. The team has worked together through multiple market cycles, delivering customized solutions to achieve client objectives.


Michelle Russell-Dowe
Head of Securitized, US Fixed Income


Anthony Breaks, CFA
Senior Fund Manager, US Fixed Income


Jeff Williams, CFA
Senior Fund Manager, US Fixed Income


Chris Ames
Senior Fund Manager, US Fixed Income

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Securitized credit risk considerations

Mortgage or asset-backed securities may not receive in full the amounts owed to them by underlying borrowers
When interest rates are very low or negative, the strategy's yield may be zero or negative, and you may not get back all of your investment
The counterparty to a derivative or other contractual agreement or synthetic financial product could become unable to honor its commitments to the strategy, potentially creating a partial or total loss for the strategy
A failure of a deposit institution or an issuer of a money market instrument could create losses
A decline in the financial health of an issuer could cause the value of its bonds to fall or become worthless
The strategy can be exposed to different currencies. Changes in foreign exchange rates could create losses
A derivative may not perform as expected, and may create losses greater than the cost of the derivative
High yield bonds (normally lower rated or unrated) generally carry greater market, credit and liquidity risk
A rise in interest rates generally causes bond prices to fall
The strategy uses derivatives for leverage, which makes it more sensitive to certain market or interest rate movements and may cause above-average volatility and risk of loss
In difficult market conditions, the strategy may not be able to sell a security for full value or at all. This could affect performance and could cause the strategy to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares
Failures at service providers could lead to disruptions of strategy operations or losses

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