Funds in focus

Schroders’ funds in focus highlights key funds that aim to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns.



Schroder ISF* Global Cities Real Estate

The Schroders Global Cities approach is unique. This is because the team invests by first understanding where a company owns real estate. Their philosophy is that the rents of a company should increase faster the closer to the point of consumption the properties are. This means they have pricing power. This means, the larger and wealthier a population in a city is, the more rent a property owner can charge. This, in the long-term, should be beneficial to an investor.


Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust

Launched on 9 December 2015, the Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust targets growth regions in Continental Europe and aims to provide a regular and attractive level of income together with the potential for long-term income and capital growth.  The Trust is managed by Tony Smedley, an experienced real estate investment manager, who is supported by nearly 100 real estate professionals located in key hubs across Europe, including London, Paris, Frankfurt and Zurich.