Global Investor Study 2019

Are you being encouraged to invest sustainably?

Concerns over sustainability are growing; from tackling climate change, to social, health and technological progress. Sustainable investment funds can be a way to combine profit with positive impact.*

But are people being properly motivated to invest sustainably, and use their personal finances to proactively prepare the world for the changes ahead? We spoke to over 25,000 people, from 32 countries around the world, about their attitudes towards sustainable investing.

*The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested.

Sustainability factors are a key consideration when selecting investments

People who believe that all investment funds should consider sustainability factors


People who believe they can significantly contribute to a more sustainable world by choosing sustainable investment products


And people generally value sustainability when making personal investment decisions


of people consider sustainability factors when selecting an investment product

Those who describe their investment knowledge as expert are much more likely to consider sustainability

Beginner / Rudimentary




Expert / Advanced


Most people believe that climate change is having, or will have, some impact on their investments

What impact (positive or negative) do people feel climate change is having, or will have, on their investments

  • A significant impact
  • Some impact
  • Very little impact
  • No impact at all
  • I don't know

However, sustainable factors were deemed less important than financial motivations when considering investments

Top five most important investment factors to people


Avoiding losing money


Meeting their total investment return expectations


Generating their expected level of income


The fees are reasonable


Their money is invested in sustainable investments

And many people prefer sustainable investments that take an integrated approach

2 in 5

people favour an integrated approach to sustainable investment (investing in companies that are more likely to be profitable because they proactively prepare for environmental and social changes)

People say there are many external drivers that would encourage them to allocate more of their investments to sustainable funds

Factors that people think would be highly likely to encourage them to allocate more of their investment portfolio into sustainable investment funds

If there were changes to regulations encouraging me to invest more in sustainable investments


If investment funds received an independent rating from an independent body confirming that the fund genuinely takes a sustainable approach


If my financial adviser provided me with more, easy-to-understand information on sustainable investments


If the investment manager could confirm, using their own in-house ratings, that the fund genuinely takes a sustainable approach


If my financial adviser prompted me to put more money into sustainable investments


Those who claim to have higher levels of investment knowledge seem more inclined to invest in sustainable funds

People who already invest in sustainability

Expert / Advanced
Beginner / Rudimentary
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Collective investment schemes are generally medium to long-term investments.

The value of participatory interests or the investment may go down as well as up.

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