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02OCT. 2019

How might the UK economy react to different Brexit scenarios?

The UK’s path to Brexit remains unclear, even as the 31 October deadline approaches. We look at three scenarios and the potential economic impact of each.

Economics (en Inglés)

06SEP. 2019



04SEP. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

How trade wars are rocking the wobbly world economy

Following the latest escalation of tensions, we are downgrading our forecasts for growth.


23AGO. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - September 2019

In their latest forecast update, our economists downgrade their projections for global growth due to the recent escalation in the US-China trade war.

09AGO. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Two challenges remain for Bank of Japan despite stronger-than-expected GDP

Second quarter GDP growth shows improved domestic demand but further easing measures from the central bank look likely.

01AGO. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

No-deal Brexit risk fails to spark BoE action

Constrained Bank of England keeps interest rates on hold as markets continue to ignore the bank’s forward guidance

01AGO. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Brazil's central bank does not disappoint

Brazil’s central bank lowered its key interest rate by 50bps to 6%, and further easing looks likely amid progress on economic reforms.


31JUL. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Slowing eurozone needs fiscal boost

A sluggish outlook and low inflation suggest the European Central Bank is inching towards further stimulus, which we don’t think will be enough.

15JUL. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

The only way is up for China’s economy

Second quarter GDP growth may have slowed, but June’s data suggests a turning point has been reached.