Enquête Global Investor Study

01JUIL. 2019

Seulement 20 % des investisseurs n’ont pas cédé à la panique durant la dégringolade des marchés boursiers en 2018

Seulement 18 % des investisseurs se sont tenus à leur plan d’investissement à long terme durant les turbulences du marché de l’an dernier, selon l’enquête Global Investor Study de Schroders.



15JANV. 2019


Which stock markets look ‘cheap’ as we head into 2019?

As the dust settles on 2018 in turbulent fashion, Duncan Lamont assesses how market valuations look as we head into 2019.

10JANV. 2019


Is this popular measure of stock market value giving a misleading “sell” signal?

Here's why scare stories about the current CAPE being a predictor of doom may prove to be wide of the mark.

04JANV. 2019


Market turmoil: Is now the right time to save or invest?

Leading experts, including Schroders' Head of Income Solutions Rupert Rucker, join the 'big money debate' in The Times.

02JANV. 2019


How Q4 ranks among the worst 20 quarters of the past half century

Global stocks have suffered their worst quarter since 2011. We look at how it compared with the 20 worst quarters over the last 48 years and the potential silver lining for investors today.



31DÉC. 2018


How can we prepare for the AI revolution?

With artificial intelligence expected to infiltrate almost every aspect of modern life within a generation, we look at some of the most meaningful changes it is likely to bring about.

27DÉC. 2018


Infographic: the outlook for major economies in 2019 and beyond

In this month's infographic we reveal our global growth forecasts and interest rate expectations for major economies.

24DÉC. 2018


Financial markets 2018: the year in review

2018 proved a tricky year for investors with asset prices across the board falling. Here’s a rundown of what happened and why.