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Fund Manager visite

29AOÛT 2019

Benjamin Alt on Schroder GAIA II – Specialist Private Equity in Geneva

We will introduce our latest private equity innovation. The Schroder GAIA II – Specialist Private Equity fund provides investors access to private equity within a semi-liquid evergreen structure, which will be launched on September 30, 2019.

Benjamin Alt, the lead fund manager, will guide us through the key investment characteristics and illustrate how the fund differentiates itself in the marketplace. The fund has a SICAV part 2 structure under Luxembourg law and opens up access to a broad client base (for qualified investors with a minimum investment threshold of USD 50k). The fund may only be distributed to qualified investors in Switzerland.

The fund builds upon Schroder Adveq's specialised private equity expertise and its outstanding long-term performance results. Schroder GAIA II – Specialist Private Equity has received strong support from Schroders with USD 30m seed commitment and there will be a limited opportunity to invest in the fund's early bird share classes at highly attractive terms.

Please register via the button below. By registering, you confirm to be a qualified investor according to Swiss collective investment schemes regulations.

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