10DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: China equities

Why we think China’s economy will stabilise in 2020, which areas of the economy will drive growth, and where we see opportunities.

06DÉC. 2019



06DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: Sustainability

2020 looks set to see climate change become more widely recognised as an investment issue, creating an opportunity for active managers.

06DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: European commercial real estate

Parts of European commercial real estate look challenged in 2020, but opportunities can still be found, especially in "winning cities".

05DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: UK equities

With valuations at extreme levels, Sue Noffke and Andy Brough explain how they’re looking at the UK stock market heading into 2020.

04DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: Global bonds

Could US dollar weakness grease the wheels of global growth in 2020?

03DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: European equities

Stocks that are sensitive to the economic cycle may offer opportunities as investors start to focus on the recovery ahead.

03DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: US equities

The ongoing squeeze on profit margins will continue, with higher labour costs and the ongoing US-China trade war the main economic headwinds in 2020.

03DÉC. 2019

Outlook 2020: Global equities

Stock market volatility is likely to increase and stock selection will become more important, as global uncertainty continues and the US bull market shows early signs of exhaustion.