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In Singapore, Schroders' presence dates back to the mid-1970s. Since then, we have successfully built a strong local franchise and are one of the largest asset management companies in Singapore today.

Sustainability at Schroders

We understanding the importance of Sustainability for investors. That is why Sustainability is at the core of our investment process – we’ve been actively incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in our investment processes since 2000, and responsible investing principles guide our decisions and the way we manage our investments.

This enables us to make a difference on the society and deliver long-term value in an increasingly ESG-centric and fast-changing world and is what makes Schroders stand out against its competitors.

In Singapore, Schroders has made significant progress in advancing sustainability endeavours across the region. Here are three of our recent developments in this space:

New Centre of Excellence for Sustainability (CoES)

Schroders is establishing a regional Centre of Excellence for Sustainability (CoES) in Singapore to enhance and accelerate our sustainability endeavours across the region, which will house a dedicated team of senior ESG specialists.

Across Asia Pacific, institutional asset owners and intermediary distribution partners alike are accelerating their pace of ESG adoption. The CoES will also house an ESG education hub, delivering specialist training to upskill the ESG capabilities of Schroders’ employees in Asia. More notably, this education hub will also be open to industry partners across the broader finance ecosystem, and will host training programs for both local and regional clients.

Singapore Green Finance Centre

Schroders Singapore is one of the nine Founding Partners of the Singapore Green Finance Centre, a collaboration between Imperial College London and Singapore Management University, and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This is Singapore’s first institute dedicated to green finance research and talent development.

Collectively as a group we know we can make a significant impact and steer ESG conversation forward, particularly around imperative issues such as climate change and growing the green finance sector for the region.

Susan Soh
Co-Head of Asia Pacific and Singapore CEO

Advancements in impact investing

Through subsidiary BlueOrchard, Schroders has made strides in impact investing. BlueOrchard is a leader and pioneer in the world of impact investing, having been founded in 2001 by an initiative of the United Nations to run the world’s first commercial microfinance fund. The business has operations around the world, from Switzerland to Singapore.

To support its growth in the region, BlueOrchard is centralising all Asia Pacific activities in Singapore, transforming the local operation into a key regional investment research and business hub.

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