Mix. Earn. Sleep. Repeat. A familiar track in tune with the new decade.

The search for income in the current environment can be daunting for investors. Schroder Asian Income is an active multi-asset strategy designed to adapt to various economic cycles to capture income & growth opportunities wherever they are in Asia. Launched in 2011, the strategy also has a strong track record of effective risk management during challenging markets.

Hear from the fund manager on how Asian markets have evolved over the last ten years, and what lies in the decade ahead.

Stable income stream

By being adaptable in today’s stagflationary environment, Schroder Asian Income is able to deliver a consistent and sustainable income. This involves seeking income-orientated securities that offer attractive yields and hedge against inflation, such as those in the REITs and utilities space.

Access a wealth of Asian opportunities

Schroder Asian Income has a primary exposure to a diverse range of Asian companies that benefit from the region’s long-term structural growth trends, including the rise of Asia’s middle-class, increased consumption, rapid industrialisation and the acceleration of digital innovation developments.

That said, selectivity is key as we pick out companies with solid balance sheets and quality cashflows that are better placed to ride out the volatility ahead.

Flexible, dynamic allocation for a smoother journey

The Fund takes an active and nimble approach in response to market changes, and also utilises futures to access markets quickly and efficiently.

This dynamic allocation, coupled with robust risk management, optimises upside potential and reduces risks in down markets.

Why Schroders for Asian Multi-Asset?

The fund benefits from the expertise of three well-established teams based on the ground across Asia. This collaborative approach can generate the most efficient access to the best opportunities across all asset classes.

Find out more about Schroders’ multi-asset capabilities.

Meet the fund manager

Pang Kin Weng is a Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager at Schroders. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of Multi-Asset portfolios, portfolio construction and risk management. He joined Schroders in June 2007 as a Multi-Asset Analyst, and moved to a fund management role in 2008.


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We have curated three playlists that represent the ‘mood’ of Schroder Asian Income’s key benefits: a stable income stream, Asian growth opportunities, and increased flexibility & agility.

1 The annualised payout rate shown is as at the last record date of 31 Aug 2022. This does not take into account a rate change from 4.75% to 5.25% on 31 May 2022. For more information on the annualised dividend rate of a single payout and the composition of distribution payments, please refer to www.schroders.com.sg/distributioninformation.
2 Distributions of the Schroder Asian Income (the “Fund”) for share class SGD A Dis will be declared on a monthly basis. The distributions are not guaranteed and will be reviewed periodically. In the event of income and realised gains being less than the intended distribution, distributions will be made from capital. Investors should be aware that the distributions may exceed the income and realised gains of each fund at times and lead to a reduction of the amount originally invested depending on the date of initial investment.

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