Returner programme

A six-month paid programme for mid to senior-level professionals coming back to the workplace after a career break.

Coming back after a career break can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be

From family or health reasons to travel or time out, it doesn’t matter why you’ve taken a break. Our returner programme is designed to help you transition back in to work at the right level supported by coaching, mentoring, training, and a peer group network.

We open applications in January to start in spring

We usually kick off the paid 6-month programme in April or May. We have a number of experienced professional openings that might be of interest. And we can tailor the level of support you might need to you.

Open roles and opportunities change every year

You could work in one of a variety of areas including: Sustainability, Wealth Management, Infrastructure, Project and Change Management, or Technology.

Whichever you pursue, it’s a great stepping stone to restart your career. And you’ll develop skills you can transfer to other roles.

Grow, develop, and network

Along with coaching from The Diversity Project specifically developed to support career returners, you’ll also have full access to our online learning platform which will help you continue to build your skills.

From day one, along with support from your manager and mentors, you’ll join a network of peers to help you integrate into the business.

"The Returner Programme is designed to genuinely help talented people to thrive after taking time out and I would recommend it to anyone who believes they have value to add to the workplace but are unsure about how to take that first step."

Priya Chockkalingam, Cloud Analyst, completed the programme in 2021.


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