Andrew Rose

Fund Manager, Japanese Equities



01JUN 2017

60 seconds on the most predictable element of investing in Japan

Andrew Rose explains why the geopolitical backdrop should not distract investors from positive company-level changes in Japan.

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23SEP 2015


60 seconds with Andrew Rose on volatility hitting Japanese equities

2015 has been a good year for investors in the Japanese stockmarket, but in this video fund manager Andrew Rose looks at whether the recent volatility in global markets might signal the end of the rally in Japanese shares.


23JUN 2015


Japanese equities: Looking beyond the recent highs

Japanese equities are at 15-year highs, but does that mean the market is over-heating or are the fundamental reasons behind the rise more robust than when the market previously saw these levels in 2000? Andrew Rose, Schroders Japanese equities fund manager, investigates.


28MEI 2015


Markets: What’s in store for the rest of 2015 and beyond?

At our recent forum in Edinburgh, five leading Schroders fund managers and chief economist Keith Wade met to discuss the state of global markets and assess what lies ahead.


02FEB 2015


Markets: where are we now?

Fund managers from around Schroders exchanged views on the current state of various markets around the world at a recent panel discussion. Here, we round up their insights.