27APR 2016


Watch: Loss aversion and Leicester City's chase for the Premier League title

As Leicester City close in on the English Premier League title, we take a look at how behavioural psychology affects their challenge and what investors can learn from it.

25APR 2016


What can investors learn from Leicester City’s chase for the Premier League title?

Leicester City has surprised everyone by challenging for the English Premier League title, but what does the club's fortunes reveal about behavioural psychology and how does that relate to investing?

22APR 2016


EuroView: Quarterly Market Insight - Q1 review and Brexit implications

Who would be the winners and losers from Brexit? Rory Bateman’s quarterly look at European equity markets includes analysis of the implications of the UK’s EU referendum.

21APR 2016


Why now is not the time to follow the herd

Multi-Manager fund manager Joe Le Jéhan argues that it’s not time to be following market consensus as the first quarter of 2016 has cast doubts over a number of widely-accepted themes.

20APR 2016


What are the prospects for dividends in the UK?

The UK dividend outlook may be more challenging than in previous years due to commodity price declines, but there are still some sectors offering good income potential.

19APR 2016


Short-term negativity in Japan looks overdone

The recent pullback in Japanese equities has reduced valuations at a time when we believe the long-term picture for corporate Japan may be gradually improving.

11APR 2016


60 seconds with Marcus Brookes on the inflation conundrum facing investors

2016 has seen tentative signs of a pick-up in inflation, particularly in the US, but should investors start to balance their portfolios towards the beneficiaries of inflation?

08APR 2016

Wereldwijd marktperspectief

Q2 2016

Economic and asset allocation views covering Q2 2016. This includes our global growth update, 30-year return forecasts, and our research note assessing the risk of a US recession.

06APR 2016


Panic over, but what's next for markets?

Having recovered their composure after a tumultuous start to 2016, investors are now looking for a new catalyst, but what will it be and where next for markets?

06APR 2016


Quarterly markets review - Q1 2016

An overview of markets in Q1 2016, when emerging market equities outperformed their developed counterparts, supported by hopes of political change in Brazil.