10DEC 2015


Outlook 2016 – Business Cycle (UK Equities)

Do investors face showdown or slowdown in 2016?

09DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Greater China Equities

Against a backdrop of sluggish economic growth and anaemic earnings, the importance of bottom-up stock selection becomes even more imperative for 2016.

04DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Japanese Equities

Growth may have disappointed but improving corporate earnings continue to drive market sentiment.

04DEC 2015


Monthly markets review - November 2015

A look back at markets in November 2015 when global equities were lacklustre and attention remained focused on central banks.

03DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Emerging Market Equities

Allan Conway highlights the signposts investors should look for as drivers of emerging markets equity performance in 2016.

02DEC 2015


Outlook 2016: Asian ex Japan Equities

For the year ahead, our preferred areas for investment are companies with strong cash flows and, in this low earnings growth environment, low cost producers that also have a flexible cost base.

01DEC 2015


60 seconds with Alex Tedder on the 2016 outlook for global equities

While the macroeconomic outlook looks uncertain for global equities, Alex Tedder finds reasons to be bullish over individual companies, particularly those that specialise in disruptive technology and provide earnings power.


26NOV 2015


Is Black Friday holding retailers to ransom?

Black Friday should be the highlight of the year for retailers, a chance to drive the punters through their doors and out again via their cashiers filling the coffers along the way, but in reality is Black Friday causing more pain than profit for the retail sector?

24NOV 2015


Outlook 2016: European Equities

At the time of writing, the MSCI Europe equity index has delivered a total return of around 10% this year and we believe investors should see further gains in 2016 given the continued earnings recovery in Europe.

23NOV 2015


Outlook 2016: Global Equities

Alex Tedder discusses how an uncertain macroeconomic backdrop means that a focus on company-specific drivers that can deliver earnings surprise, is the best way to navigate 2016.