Featured Funds and Strategies

Featured Funds

Explore our key funds and take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns.

Schroder ISF Sustainable Multi-Asset Income

A fund designed for investors who want to make a lasting impact on society and the environment, without sacrificing income.

Schroder Asia More+

A multi-asset fund that focuses on the Singapore market with more flexibility.

Schroder Asian Income

An active multi-asset strategy designed to adapt to various economic cycles to capture income & growth opportunities wherever they are in Asia.


Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth

An actively managed equity fund that scours the world for companies that are managed for the long-term and account for their impact on all stakeholders.

Schroder ISF Global Credit Income

An unconstrained global credit strategy with an objective of providing investors with consistent income with capital stability in the current environment of higher volatility.

Featured Strategies

Find out more about our strategies that address a range of investment objectives.

Climate Change Investing

Investing in companies that will be positively impacted by the transition to a low-carbon economy