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Sustainable investment report Q1 2024

Topics covered in this quarter's report include our Engagement Blueprints, impact investing in real estate, and the integration of sustainability metrics in executive remuneration.

Sustainable Investment Report Q1 2024 Snapshot


Sustainable Investment Team

The Q1 2024 Sustainable Investment Report is available here.

Andy Howard, Schroders Global Head of Sustainable Investment:

The world is poised to navigate through a year of significant challenges, characterised by geopolitical uncertainty, economic volatility, and the pressing issue of climate change. With 2024 voting season fast approaching, at Schroders we are keen to see how boards are refining their strategies and navigating these systemic risks and potential opportunities.

This quarter, Schroders Capital published their inaugural Engagement Blueprint for private markets which seeks to address the engagement processes of the investment teams in private markets and their key stakeholders. Furthermore, we published our updated Engagement Blueprint which reflects the increasing interconnectedness between the six priority engagement themes. Active ownership in practice is explored as one of our investment teams shares how they have engaged hotels on the sustainability of the franchised business model.

As focus on impact investing increases, research at Schroders Capital explores the opportunities within impact investing in real estate. Meanwhile, in collaboration with our investment desks, our sustainable investment team introduced a quantitative framework to better assess commodities’ impacts across their lifecycle which considers impacts beyond carbon emissions or environmental factors alone.

Finally, we examine how sustainability factors, particularly climate risk, education, and sociopolitical stability, influence the way investors price sovereign credit and explore the integration of sustainability metrics in executive remuneration in Asia.

Read the full report here.


Sustainable Investment Team


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