3D Reset: Investment Implications

The 3D Reset brings new challenges, but for active and attuned investors, it may also bring opportunities.

There will be enormous ramifications for the global economy and markets as the trends of deglobalisation, decarbonisation, and demographics take further hold. All 3Ds are likely to be inflationary and encourage tighter central bank policies and higher interest rates. The consequence of this is greater volatility for investors and financial markets. Also, we continue to live in a world that is dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and is facing unrelenting technological disruption.  

What does this mean for investors?

Taking all this together, the economic consensus forged over many years is being challenged. Investors need to fight the tendency to rely on the investment “maps” that have served them well over the last decade. Instead investors need to focus on the divergences now occurring, and the fresh opportunities being created. 

Investment considerations to navigate the 3Ds

To respond to the 3D Reset’s evolving outcomes, we believe there are six key areas for active investors to keep in mind this year: the energy transition; private equity; fixed income; private debt; international equities; and retirement income solutions. Schroders is well-positioned to assist investors in navigating this regime shift by offering expert insights and a diverse range of investment solutions tailored to navigate these considerations.  

Private Equity

Our team seeks unique opportunities for responsible growth, to make investments our clients can be proud of.

Energy Transition

The need to decarbonise is accelerating the energy transition globally

Private debt and credit alternatives

Seeking to deliver diverse sources of secure income and sustainable investment through attractive private debt and credit alternative markets.

Latest thinking on the 3D Reset

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