Our business

Our purpose

Creating a better future
by investing responsibly for our clients

As a global investment manager we recognise
we have an important part to play in shaping the future of all our stakeholders.

Our focus on doing the right thing for our clients,
our people and wider society lies at the centre of our culture.
We are committed to delivering positive outcomes for all.

An active approach to creating better futures

We actively and responsibly manage investments for a wide range of institutions and individuals, to help them meet their financial goals as they change over time. The world is forever changing but throughout our long history we have continued to adapt our business, keeping our focus on what matters most to our clients, today and in the future.

What we offer

We invest actively and responsibly to create better futures for our clients. In doing so, we are able to deliver positive outcomes for our other stakeholders, including our shareholders, our people and wider society.

We offer innovative products and solutions across our five business areas and invest in a wide range of asset classes and diverse geographies.

Our clients include insurance companies, pension schemes, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations. We also manage assets for end clients as part of our relationships with distributors, financial advisers and online platforms.

Our Wealth Management offering reflects our strategic ambition to provide wealth management and financial planning services to clients across the wealth spectrum. We offer a wide range of wealth management services which focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through:


How we do it

Our clients are at the centre of the business and our ongoing success is built on an understanding of their evolving needs. We partner with them and construct products and solutions that help them meet their changing financial goals. We are proud of our track record of delivering positive outcomes for clients.

Creating better futures for our clients

We recognise that we have an important role to play in shaping our clients’ financial futures. By aiming to deliver investment outperformance and to provide value for money to our clients, we can continue to successfully grow our business and deliver for our other stakeholder groups. We earn fees charged as a percentage of our clients’ AUM. We may also earn other revenues, such as performance fees, carried interest and transaction-related fees.

The right capabilities to deliver for clients


Understand clients’ goals

We build principled partnerships with our clients to understand their financial goals. This allows us to provide a high level of client service and select appropriate products to meet their needs.

Develop innovative products

We design innovative products to meet our clients’ financial needs, whether that is outperforming a comparator, providing a regular sustainable income or delivering an absolute return.

Actively manage investments

We take an active and responsible approach to investing in order to create better futures for our clients over the long term.

Asset Management


We manage investments for institutions and private investors throughout the client lifecycle.

Our clients include insurance companies, pension schemes, sovereign wealth funds, distributors, financial advisers and fund platforms. We manage private assets, institutional portfolios, mutual funds and client solutions.

We believe that the key to delivering positive outcomes lies in gathering highly talented people who bring a diverse range of thoughts and ideas. Our 42 investment teams in 35 global locations actively manage investments across a range of asset classes. Our approach allows us to channel our resources into positive outcomes for our clients.

Our client service teams build lasting relationships, which allow us to develop a clear view of our clients’ needs and how these may change over time.

By combining these client relationships with market insights and our strong investment capabilities, we design bespoke products and services. These solutions are designed to fit our clients’ needs and are tested to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Wealth Management


We provide a wide range of wealth management services, which focus on preserving and growing our clients’ wealth. Our strategic ambition is to provide wealth management services across the wealth spectrum in the UK and for high net worth clients in the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Asia.

Our business has three key components:

Cazenove Capital (in the UK and Channel Islands) and Schroders Wealth (in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong) offer bespoke discretionary and advisory investment services, wealth planning and banking to private clients, family offices and charities.

Benchmark Capital provides technology-led regulatory and administrative services for a network of independent financial advisers, as well as providing platform services.

This year we launched our joint venture with Lloyds Banking Group plc (LBG), branded Schroders Personal Wealth. This business aims to build a leading position in financial planning for the UK affluent segment, drawing on referrals from LBG and the investment expertise of Schroders.

What we deliver for our other stakeholders

Our client-led approach allows us to deliver for our other stakeholders, including our shareholders, our people, regulators, suppliers and society.

The right proposition to deliver for shareholders

Our business model focuses on delivering growth over the long term, which enables us to generate sustainable shareholder returns. We rely on the support and engagement of our shareholders to generate long-term growth. The interests of our shareholders are very closely aligned with those of our clients, which means that in doing the right thing for our clients, we are also able to deliver value to those who have invested in our business.

The right culture to deliver for our people

Our people are central to the ongoing success of the business. We are proud of our reputation as an employer of choice that provides our people with inspiring and motivating places to work. Our people strategy aims to attract, develop and retain an agile and diverse workforce, who we are able to employ with fulfilling roles.


The right principles to deliver for wider society

We believe that engaging with the companies in which we invest and demanding high levels of corporate responsibility for wider society is the right thing to do. As part of our commitment to society, we build positive relationships with our regulators globally. We also have good relationships with the external service providers we use to supplement our own infrastructure.


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