Fraud Alert - 18 January 2021

Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited ("Schroders Australia") is aware of the risk that fraudulent websites and email addresses may hold themselves out to be a website or email account operated by Schroders group and/or Schroders Australia (collectively, “Schroders”).

Schroders would like to remind you to diligently check the authenticity and reliability of information published on websites and emails that claim to be related to Schroders or any information that is claimed to be issued or authorised by Schroders. It is important to stay alert to the risks of scam websites and emails.

All Schroders websites and email accounts are located on the Schroders group website domain: Any websites or email accounts on other domain names that claim to represent Schroders are not authorised by Schroders and the information contained on those sites or in those emails may be false and fraudulent.

Schroders does not make unsolicited requests through email or on the telephone unless you have initiated the contact. Beware of individuals purporting to be employees of Schroders to sell fraudulent Schroders financial products.

If you have encountered any suspicious incidents or have doubts about the person, platforms, websites or institutions associated with Schroders, please contact our Client Services team on 1300 136 471 or email us at