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Sustainable Investment Report Q3 2021

Read Schroders’ Sustainable Investment Report Q3 2021 here.

A message from Schroders’ Head of Sustainability Strategy Hannah Simons:

Environmental impact and societal principles are the key reasons people want to invest sustainably. That is one of the key sustainability findings from Schroders’ 2021 Global Investor Study.

It is also evident from some of the most popular content we published this quarter. What is natural capital? What makes a company a climate leader? Why are heat pumps so important for the energy transition? These are just some of the questions investors want answered.

The appetite for information and action on climate change is, unsurprisingly, at an all-time high and we are expanding our engagement in this area.

We have deepened our commitment to transparency through the reporting we offer our clients, arguably the most important enabler of sustainable investment. Our active ownership themes for 2022 will be shared soon.

You can learn more about active ownership at Schroders here.

 Sustainable Investment Report Q3 2021 (found here):

 Voting and engagement at a glance

Our active ownership statistics from the quarter.

AGM season review

 Our round-up of the season’s trends and how we voted.

 Case study: Climate action

 How we’re calling on firms to respond.

 Case study: Reporting in Asia

 What the credit team has been asking property developers.

Companies we’ve engaged with

The businesses we’ve engaged with on ESG issues this quarter.

The report can be found here along with previous reports.