Climate Change



31JAN 2018

Solar-plus-storage: a new dawn for renewables

Solar energy use has historically been hindered by fluctuations in supply. New battery technology could mean the renewable energy can finally fulfil its potential.



12DEC 2017


It's not black and white for fossil fuel investing

Our experts believe that dialogue with individual companies about their plans will be more effective than divesting from the industry completely


21NOV 2017


Bon Bonn? What the UN Climate Conference taught us

The 23rd UN Climate Conference in Bonn last week showed that the world needs to seriously accelerate efforts to counter climate change.

15NOV 2017


The complete package

We look at the small changes in packaging that could have a big impact on climate change efforts.

06NOV 2017


Climate Progress Dashboard update: Holds at 4.1 degrees

The sustainability team's latest review of climate change efforts highlights the tension mounting between oil and gas producers and the changing transport industry.


30OCT 2017


Do, or do not. There is no try.

Global leaders will meet in Bonn next month to discuss global progress in addressing the causes of climate change. Few commentators expect too much from the event.

15OCT 2017


Electricity supply: Forging the EV supply chain

Progress in batteries means electric vehicle range has now reached a major milestone. Are car manufacturers ready to meet the new demand?

10OCT 2017


Electric shock - finding the winners and losers of the electric revolution

Every revolution has casualties, and the electrification of the car industry will be no different. We look at the opportunities and pitfalls opening up for investors.