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Asset Classes

Australian Shares

Schroders offers Australian equities funds across a range of portfolio types, including large cap core and microcap investments. Our Australian equity portfolios all adopt the same investment philosophy and focus on stocks in companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. Schroders has over 40 years’ experience investing in Australian shares and is well resourced with highly experienced investment professionals. Analyst research is organised along sectoral lines with each analyst covering stocks through the capitalisation spectrum.

Global Shares

A broad and unique range of actively managed global equity solutions from enhanced index to index unconstrained suited for varying market environments and time horizons. Schroders QEP strategies adopt a combined approach of fundamental analysis with the scalability and rigour of a quantitative investment process allows us to search for the most attractive opportunities across a global universe of more than 15,000 stocks across more than 40 countries. Schroders also leverage extensive global equities capabilities a selection of specialist equity portfolios including global emerging markets and Asia Pacific equities.

Bond Funds

Schroders’ Bonds Funds, or Fixed Income Funds, product range includes defensive low volatility fixed income, absolute return and income generating credit securities strategies. All portfolios are actively managed applying a combined top down asset allocation approach with bottom up security selection.


Offering both objective-based and more traditional multi-asset funds, Schroders provides a range of diversified investment solutions. Our objective-based multi-asset strategies are designed for investors seeking consistent real returns above inflation, while striking a balance between risk and reward. We also offer a traditional multi-asset fund which follows a traditional strategic asset allocation and tactical asset allocation framework. Across all of our multi-asset strategies, our approach is to continually assess investment opportunities, so that at all times these strategies are well placed to meet their objectives whilst minimising the risk of loss.