Choosing multi-asset strategies from Schroders can help you reach your investment goals.

Harness a key driver of returns

Research suggests asset allocation is one of the most important drivers of investment returns.

Stability through change

Multi-asset strategies are a strong choice for consistent returns throughout market and economic cycles.

Gain exposure to a range of assets

Benefit from expert insights and the flexibility to invest in select opportunities across all asset classes with our range of multi-asset funds.

How do multi-asset strategies work?

Instead of putting all your capital in a single asset class or type of investment, a multi-asset fund selects from equities, fixed income, infrastructure and more. Experts running the fund will use a mix of assets to aim for certain goals for their multi-asset strategy. These could be related to a particular level of return, less volatility, less risk, more diversification or a combination of all these.

Rapid change is the new normal

More than ever, global markets are susceptible to impacts from a rapidly changing economic environment. These shifts can change the investment returns and outlook across all asset classes. So, it makes sense to consider choosing a multi-asset fund managed by investment experts with a broader view and the flexibility to change allocations to drive returns and manage risk.

The reassurance of real returns

With their ability to pull levers of risk and return across all asset classes, multi-asset strategies can offer the diversification to secure a steady income for their investors. Some funds will aim to deliver a target return above inflation so your real income from investments is assured.

The multi-tasker of your investment portfolio

Investing in multi-asset strategies can help you meet a number of goals within a single solution. They can work well as a flexible solution to help your wealth grow as markets change and have different impacts across asset classes.

Multi-asset funds are likely to be appropriate when you’re seeking capital growth, capital preservation and income for all or some components of your portfolio. They’re suited to investors with a medium to high risk and return profile. They are unlikely to be suitable if you’re looking for a capital guarantee for your wealth or when you have a short investment timeframe.

The breadth and depth you need from a multi-asset manager

Investing in multi-asset strategies with Schroders gives you access to our global network of experts and active management platform. Together with an experienced local team here in Australia, our multi-asset capability offers investors a dynamic and outcome-focused approach to asset allocation across the whole asset universe and different market cycles.

While we’ve built up our experience and knowledge of multi-asset strategies over more than 25 years, we’re always looking for new ways to tap into the value of each asset class and reach our portfolio goals. We’re also highly risk-aware and always adjusting our asset allocation across all our multi-asset funds to keep up with the changing risk environment. This keeps us on track to our mission to protect investors’ wealth and achieve strong returns.

Each member of our Australian multi-asset team has average industry experience of 22 years*. They’re backed by the first-class research and asset management capability you’d expect from one of the biggest global names in investing, including our global multi-asset team of more than 100 investment professionals.

*As at 31 December 2023.

Smart, flexible and ready to respond

When you want to grow wealth over the longer-term, keeping your portfolio ticking over may not be enough to reach your financial goals. With the Schroders range of multi-asset strategies, your portfolio can benefit from changing market conditions as our investment teams adjust the balance of asset allocations to protect your capital and take advantage of positive conditions for growth.

Thanks to our best-in-class active management platform we aim to deliver flexible, forward-looking asset allocation in changing markets. It’s our way of keeping investors’ portfolios diversified and on track towards their goals.

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