Our business model

Our business model starts with our clients.

Our continued success is reliant upon achieving our clients’ investment objectives.

It is only by demonstrating value for money and meeting their financial goals that we can continue to grow our business.

Business model (graphic)

The successful delivery of our business model allows us to generate returns for:

Our clients

Purpose-driven design with exemplary client service.

Strong, consistent outperformance.

Our shareholders

A progressive dividend policy has seen a 7% increase to 93 pence and a payout ratio of 50%.

Our people

94% proud to be associated with Schroders.

95% of highly rated employees retained.

See chapter Our people for more information on our approach to retaining and developing our people.


Act with integrity as stewards of capital.

Proud to support the communities in which we operate.

See chapter Our impact for more on our approach to Corporate Responsibility, environmental, social and governance investing and our tax contribution.