TVP campaign

The Value Perspective is an extensive resource for providing information on 'value investing' in equities. Value investing is a proven, long-term approach which focuses on exploiting swings in stockmarket sentiment, targeting companies which are valued at less than their true worth and waiting for a correction. We aim to share the thoughts, opinions and passions of five experts in this field, along with independent commentators, providing greater insight into this often poorly understood area of equity investing.

The team – meet the managers

We are a team of five fund managers who work together on the Equities desk at Schroders. Over the past decade we have implemented a value investment strategy, a contrarian and proven approach to investing. The value investment team is responsible for over £5.3bn assets*, managed in a disciplined value style.

Funds managed

SISF European Equity Yield - Ian Kelly

SISF Global Equity Yield - Ian Kelly & Jamie Lowry

SSF Global Series - Yield Equity - Ian Kelly & Jamie Lowry

SISF Global Dividend Maximiser - Ian Kelly, Jamie Lowry & Thomas See

SISF European Dividend Maximiser - Ian Kelly & Thomas See

SUTL Income Fund - Kevin Murphy & Nick Kirrage

SUTL Recovery Fund - Kevin Murphy & Nick Kirrage

SL Specialist Value UK Equity Fund - Kevin Murphy & Nick Kirrage

SUTL Moorgate I Fund - Kevin Murphy & Nick Kirrage

SISF Global Recovery - Kevin Murphy, Nick Kirrage & Andrew Lyddon