Behavioural finance



17APR 2018

How to steer clear of investment hangovers

The regimented approach the ancient Greeks would take to serious drinking when they assembled for a ‘symposium’ offers some neat parallels on why value investors prefer not to follow the crowd



02FEB 2018


Would we see more readers as ‘The Bitcoin Perspective’?

Investors now backing any stock that suddenly boasts a connection to blockchain or any cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, are playing a risky game


05JAN 2018


How I scored in the investIQ test – and what I learned

Value fund manager Nick Kirrage reveals his results in an investment IQ test designed to help investors understand their biases



07DEC 2017


The investment lesson from the rise of Nike

The book 'Shoe Dog' may not dispense the usual tips for success of more traditional corporate biographies but it still contains important investment insights for those who care to see them


24NOV 2017


What’s more dangerous – narrative fallacy or a 2-0 lead?

For whatever reason, footballing tradition has it 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in the game but, when it comes to investment, believing that stories like that trump hard facts is potentially far more risky

03NOV 2017


A few investment tips for you – though not for the Melbourne Cup

Value investing is all about keeping you on the right side of the averages and ensuring you are not caught out by your own emotions


24OCT 2017


The flood of cryptocurrency ICOs are an echo of the dotcom boom

All market extremes are driven by one of two emotions – fear or greed – and it would appear the world of the cryptocurrencies is now firmly in the grip of the latter

17OCT 2017


Lessons in value investing from Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler

The work of Richard Thaler, who has just been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize in economic sciences, offers plenty of food for thought for value investors – including a paper inspired by daytime television