18JAN 2018*. Would you be interested to invest?

Dozens of businesses are now seeking to attract investors’ attention by flagging up a connection with blockchain in their name or focus – exactly as happened with the word ‘dotcom’ 20 or so years ago *Not a real company/website at time of publication



23NOV 2017


Why one issue with passive funds is their investors

Every time an investor buys a passive investment, such as an exchange-traded fund, they are – whether they realise it or not – making an important trade-off between cost and expertise


13OCT 2017


There is no perfect time to invest, so seize the day

For those who have a mind to find one, there is always a reason not to invest in the equity markets and yet, remain forever in cash and over the longer term you are likely to be materially worse off

12OCT 2017


How the human instinct to repay hospitality can undermine investors

Tens of thousands of years of evolution mean we instinctively want to reciprocate favours – a largely admirable trait that can be deeply unhelpful when it comes to investing


22SEP 2017


Three alternative top tips for new (and old) investors – Part 1

With many graduates starting new careers in investment, we offer three unusual but important tips investors of all ages and experience should take on board. Here is the first one.


03AUG 2017


If you can’t find bargain shares, you aren’t looking hard enough

Markets’ time-honoured custom of selling whole sectors off indiscriminately mean investors who are willing to put in the work should always be able to find high-level businesses at bargain-basement prices


11JUL 2017


House prices outside London are fair-value

We question whether the correct data is being used to establish house price affordability and if that means house prices are indeed over-priced.