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Responsible Investments – Why Engagement matters with ESG



  • Brazilian mining disaster: Implications for investors
  • Oil & Gas: The carbon risk
  • Thermal coal: End of the road?

We think Schroders’ credentials as one of the largest global managers integrating ESG into investment processes are demonstrated by our engagement activities and thematic research; some of which is highlighted in this report. As portfolio companies increasingly take notice of what we say, there’s more to do as long-term stewards of our clients’ capital. We aim to engage constructively with companies on ESG issues, helping them manage their risks and, in turn, strive for better outcome for our clients.

We see engaging with companies and their management as a fundamental part of our duty as an active investor. As well as improving performance, we believe that it adds value by enhancing communication and understanding between companies and investors.

This report brings you the details of our ESG engagement this quarter, as well as some of the broad issues and themes our team has been considering. It demonstrates Schroders’ responsible approach to managing clients’ assets, and how we are integrating our ESG thinking into our investment processes.

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