Funds In Focus

Schroders' funds in focus highlights key funds that look to take advantage of current market opportunities in order to maximize return potential.

Broad Tax-Aware Value Bond Fund

Schroder Broad Tax-Aware Value Bond Fund uses a value-driven approach and seeks to maximize after-tax total return through both income and capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of predominantly investment grade, fixed income securities. The fund seeks to add value by capitalizing on imbalances among and within sectors and individual bonds. We believe that investing in undervalued sectors and bonds and selling expensive ones using an after-tax relative value assessment is the ideal process to capture value.

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US Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Fund

The Schroder US Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Fund is a fundamental, bottom-up research based approach that seeks to provide investors access to a risky asset class at lower than benchmark risk. The portfolio manager and analysts seek to identify those companies that have compelling business models, a strong management team and attractive valuation levels. The portfolio of approximately 90-120 stocks is diversified by type of company, with approximately 50-70% invested in ‘mispriced growth’ opportunities, 20-50% in ‘steady eddies’ (i.e. companies with stable and dependable earnings and revenue characteristics), and 0-20% in ‘turnarounds’.

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Schroder International Multi-Cap Value Fund

Schroder International Multi-Cap Value Fund is an active, index-unconstrained, value-based strategy that seeks to deliver higher long-run returns. Analyzing a universe of over 12,000 stocks, the team uses a bottom-up process to construct a highly diversified portfolio of over 500 stocks, providing access to international opportunities of all sizes from both developed and emerging markets.

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Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Sector Bond Fund

Schroder Emerging Markets Multi-Sector Bond Fund seeks to provide a return of capital growth and income through investment principally in fixed income securities of governments and companies in non-developed, emerging market countries.

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Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

Schroder Global Multi-Asset Income Fund has been designed to help investors seeking income in the current low growth, low yield environment where traditional sources of income can no longer fulfill their requirements. It aims to provide an attractive, regular and sustainable income without a correspondingly heightened exposure to risk.

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