Market Views: Equities

13JUN 2018

Active vs passive: how the debate stacks up in Europe ex UK equities

The argument over whether to use passive or active funds is often narrowly focused on the US. Here, we examine the evidence for Europe ex UK equities.

Market Views: Equities

08JUN 2018

Market Views: Equities

07JUN 2018



05JUN 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

The market stories of May: our charts of the month

May was an eventful month in financial markets. We chart our way around key developments that matter to investors

04JUN 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why Italian politics matters for eurozone banks

Capital strength, margins and the prospects for banking union are among the many issues that may be affected by recent political developments.


29MAY 2018


How will climate change impact your investments?

Climate change is no longer something to think about for the future, it is something for investors to consider right now.

25MAY 2018

Market Views: Equities

Uber is not killing car ownership (yet)

In five years, Uber has grown from techie trouble-maker to a global ride hailing giant. But our obsession with owning cars remains as strong as ever.

22MAY 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why the oil & gas sector is energising investors

The recent rise in oil prices is not the only reason why the sector looks attractive.

15MAY 2018

Market Views: Equities

Why supposedly "safe" sectors may be nothing of the sort

Many investors are attracted to the perceived stability of certain sectors. But safety stems from the price you pay, not the underlying dynamics of the businesses you buy.

11MAY 2018


Bumps in the road for electric vehicles but long-term drivers intact

The long-term prospects for electric vehicle (EV) growth remain undimmed, but global EV adoption is unlikely to occur in straight lines.