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Specialist wealth management service for US Clients

Working with American clients who are looking to have their wealth managed outside of the US


We are delighted to welcome the Americas Team to spearhead our specialist wealth management service for American clients who want their assets managed outside of the US.

The team, which forms part of our international wealth management offering and operates under the Schroders brand, has a wealth of experience in managing the investment affairs of US clients who are UK residents or live in their home country and wish to hold money in the UK. The team operates as one of the few US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisers in the UK, offering discretionary and advisory services to US clients. 

Global perspective

Americans have been underserved in the UK for many years since the 2008 financial crisis and the mounting regulatory responsibility that followed. Part of this was the introduction
of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). This was aimed at gathering information about US taxpayers who held money outside of the US with foreign financial institutions (FFIs). Many FFIs found it easier not to operate accounts for Americans and this, compounded by a lack of US qualified advisers, drove many UK investment managers to withdraw from advising US clients after the financial crisis.

The specialist team is fully committed to serving the needs of US clients for whom the choice of managers has become increasingly restricted and who seek a wider choice of investment managers across international locations. Utilising Schroders’ investment process, the team is able to provide a truly global perspective and a depth of research across a range of investments and markets. 

The team operates as one of the few US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisers in the UK

Diversifying across regions

Martin Heale, Head of the Americas Team, says: “The question we are most often asked is why does an American resident wish to hold their money in London? The answer may be best given in one word, ‘diversification’.” Wealthy families may well use more than one investment manager to run their portfolios in order to contrast performances and spread risk, be that the risk of poor performance or credit risk.

Internationally minded American families know there is
no greater diversification than using investment managers in different countries. They not only offer different investment styles and performances but also different country risks and different legal protection. For example, the British have a long history of international trade and a conservative approach to managing money with an excellent judiciary. This in no small part has led London to become one of the world’s major financial centres and therefore provides a natural base for
the team.

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Martin Heale

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