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Schroders manages £276.2 billion (EUR 354.4 billion/$447.7 billion)* on behalf of institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients from around the world.

* Source: Schroders, all data as at 30 September 2014.

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Tailored investment solutions for high net worth individuals and charities.

Investor Warning: Be alert to share fraud and boiler room scams

We have been contacted by investors informing us that they have received telephone calls from people, purporting to work for Schroders or third party firms, who have offered to buy their investment company shares.

These callers do not work for Schroders or its appointed representatives. Schroders never makes these types of offers and does not ‘cold-call’ investors in this way. Any third party making such offers has no link with Schroders

These may be scams which attempt to gain personal information, with which to commit identity fraud, or could be ‘boiler room’ or ‘advance fee’ scams, where a payment from you is required to release the supposed payment for your shares.

If you have any doubt over the veracity of a person purporting to work for Schroders, do not offer any personal information, end the call and contact our investor services centre using the details on our Contact Us page.

The Financial Conduct Authority provides advice with respect to share fraud and boiler room scams: 


Schroders Talking Point

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