• Outlook 2015: US Multi-Sector Fixed IncomeNEW

    Outlook 2015: US Multi-Sector Fixed Income

    There will be significant focus on the Federal Reserve in 2015, but investors must ensure that this doesn't blind them to the opportunities across the fixed income market.

    • Andy Chorlton, Head of US Multi-Sector Fixed Income
    • 18 Dec 2014
  • Outlook 2015: UK equities

    Outlook 2015: UK equitiesNEW

    Share valuations remain close to their long-run average, which gives us comfort in the market's aggregate level. We believe value still exists within the domestic banks and house builders.

  • Outlook 2015: Emerging Market Equities

    Outlook 2015: Emerging Market EquitiesNEW

    Global emerging markets look supported by strong domestic demand growth and reform potential. However, challenges remain, primarily revolving around a strong US dollar.

    • Allan Conway, Head of Emerging Market Equities
    • 17 Dec 2014

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