Our BlueMark Impact Report Verification

Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust: Impact Report 2022

Our Impact Report is BlueMark® verified

One of the major challenges for investors seeking positive social impact is judging fund impact reports. Are they reporting on the right things? Are they fair and accurate? Do they offer real accountability on whether or not a fund is following through on its promises?

We work closely with the funds in the Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust portfolio to ensure high quality impact reporting, and we also felt it was important that the Trust’s first impact report also stood up to independent scrutiny. So we were delighted to join a pilot project for independent verification of impact reports this summer, led by BlueMark, the third party assurance provider for impact investors.

Our verification statement from BlueMark summarises their findings. We were pleased to have them confirm that ‘the Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust Impact Report 2022 is a thorough reflection of the Trust’s impact strategy and accurately portrays Big Society Capital’s (BSC’s) robust application of tools and processes used for ESG and impact management throughout the investment lifecycle’.

We also found BlueMark’s recommendations to be a helpful confirmation of the areas we identified in our Impact Report as priorities for enhanced impact management and measurement over the coming year.

These include more detailed reporting on ESG risks and metrics, and assessment of performance against impact targets and historical results where applicable.

View our BlueMark verification statement

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What are the risks?

There can be no guarantee that the Company will achieve its investment objective or that investors will get back the amount of their original investment.

The Company has limited operating history and investors have a limited basis on which to evaluate the Company's ability to achieve its investment objective.

The Company has no employees and is reliant on the performance of third party service providers. Failure by the AIFM, the Portfolio Manager or any other third party service provider to perform in accordance with the terms of its appointment could have a material detrimental impact on the operation of the Company.

The financial performance of the Company will depend upon the financial performance of the underlying portfolio. The Company's portfolio will include Social Impact Investments over which the Company and Portfolio Manager have no control. In particular, investments in Impact Funds and certain Co-Investments will be managed by third party managers. The Company's performance and returns to Shareholders will depend on the performance of those Social Impact Investments and their managers.

The Company's objective is to deliver measurable positive social impact as well as long term capital growth and income and these dual aims will generally be given equal weighting. Social impact is the improvement of the life outcomes of beneficiaries in a specific target group or groups. There is no universally accepted definition of 'impact', an assessment of which requires value judgments to be made. The Company's impact focus may mean that the financial returns to Shareholders are lower than those which might be achieved by other investment products.

The Company depends on the diligence, skill, judgement and business contacts of the Portfolio Manager's investment professionals and the information and deal flow they generate, especially given the specialist nature of social impact investing. The departure of some or all of the Portfolio Manager's investment professionals could prevent the Company from achieving its investment objective.

The Company will make investments where the Company's commitment is called over time. Due to the nature of such investments, in the normal course of its activities the Company expects to have outstanding commitments in respect of Social Impact Investments that may be substantial relative to the Company's assets. The Company's ability to meet these commitments, when called, is dependent upon the Company having sufficient cash or liquid assets at the time, the receipt of cash distributions in respect of Investments (the timing and amount of which can be unpredictable) and the availability of the Company's borrowing facilities, if any.

The Company's investments may be illiquid and a sale may require the consent of other interested parties. Such investments may therefore be difficult to realise and to value. Such realisations may involve significant time and cost and/or result in realisations at levels below the value of such investments estimated by the Company.

Any change in the Company's tax status or in taxation legislation or practice generally could adversely affect the value of the investments held by the Company, or the Company's ability to provide returns to Shareholders, or alter the post-tax returns to Shareholders.

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Please remember that the value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested.

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