Changes to the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) for some Schroders funds

Schroders is required, under the European Commission’s Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) regulation, to disclose a Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) for our relevant funds. The intention of the SRRI is to inform investors of the risk and reward profile of the fund and it is calculated using a prescribed formula based on the volatility of past performance. The SRRI is presented as a numerical value on a scale of 1 to 7 and is contained in the KIID.*

The period of extreme volatility experienced in financial markets between March and April 2020, due to the Covid-19 crisis, has impacted the SRRIs. As a result, a significant number of Schroders’ funds’ SRRI numbers will be changing and new KIIDs will be published over the course of July 2020 to reflect this. In all cases the SRRI has increased because of the higher market volatility and not because of any change in the fund’s investment objective or policy. The SRRIs are constantly reviewed and may be lower again in future. They may also be impacted by future periods of volatility.

As noted earlier, Schroders, along with other UCITS managers, has no discretion in the calculation of the SRRI numbers. The changes are driven by the UCITS Directive and regulation covering KIIDs. Should you require further information on the calculation please refer to ESMA 10-673 - Guidelines on the methodology for the calculation of the synthetic risk and reward indicator in the Key Investor Information Document.

To view the latest Schroders KIIDs, visit the Fund Centre

*The SRRI is designed to provide a consistent calculation and presentation of risk information for all UCITS funds, allowing investors to compare products using an easily understood format. The SRRI is a numerical scale between 1 and 7; with 1 meaning low risk/reward and 7 a higher level of risk but with the potential for a higher level of return.

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